Apex Industrial Chemicals Limited manufacture & supply specially formulated chemical products to a variety of industries in the transport sector. Our chemicals are supplied for janitorial operations, through to personal hygiene. From vehicle care through to equipment maintenance. From metals and corrosion through to lubrication and protection. From hygienic cleansers and sanitisers through to specific products relating to inclement weather.

Our range has been specifically designed to fulfill the requirements of a wide variety of businesses from SMEs to corporate organisations. We have built our business and reputation over many years by focusing on product performance and quality and by ensuring that we provide exceptional service and support. Understanding the customer’s requirements is a major factor in the development of our products.

With this information and your requirements understood, we will provide you with the exact solution for your needs. Each of our products are of the highest quality, provide exceptional performance and offer the best health, safety and environmental credentials by utilising the most up to date chemistry.


AA04 - Anti-Freeze contains a broad-spectrum inhibitor package, which permits safe use in contact with all common metals, including aluminium. Ideal for use in the cooling systems of all road-going or static engines and will also protect sprinkler systems, water-based fire extinguishers, circulating cooling systems against frost and corrosion, industrial central heating systems to give corrosion inhibition and protect against freezing during shutdown periods.

Wintercare Products


D04 - For the removal of ice, frost and light snow from windows and windscreens on vehicles, boats, ships and small aircraft, as well as from windows on security booths, toll-booths and similar buildings where a clear, ice-free view is a necessity.

Wintercare Products

Ice Breaker

II03 - Powerful Ice Breaker, with its organic, totally biodegradable formula, melts ice and snow many times more rapidly than conventional rock-salt.

Wintercare Products

Ice Breaker Liquid

II05 - Handy Ice Breaker Liquid is simply sprayed over and left to work - contains no sand or grit to leave dirty marks all over accommodation areas, etc. Ideal for use on rigs, platforms, ships, yards, gangways, stairs, fire-escapes, etc.

Wintercare Products


PP04 - Powerful Path-Kleer, with special "active heating", melts ice and snow many times more rapidly than conventional rock- salt. Handy Path-Kleer is simply sprinkled down and left to work - contains no sand or grit to leave dirty marks all over paths, steps & doorways.

Wintercare Products

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