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Apex Industrial Chemicals have developed a portfolio of speciality chemicals for specific applications relating to the offshore arena, covering the Oil & gas, Energy and Renewables sectors. In addition to being a subscriber EOSCA, we listen to the industry to ensure that we develop and formulate products that provide results.

Apex Industrial Chemicals are unique in that we design, develop and formulate our own specialised range of application products.  During these stages we continually strive to ensure that each of our products meets the very stringent requirements of the OSPAR convention on the North Sea and North Atlantic. We are in full compliance with REACH Regulations and avoid the use of components adversely classified under the REACH Regulation and guidelines. All of our Oil-Industry specific products are also classified and labelled in accordance with the European CLP Regulation.


CC28 - High-strength dry-powder product for use in the sterilisation of water. Suitable for use in the sterilisation of water for drinking purposes. Equally suitable for use where water is stored for any reason and it is important to prevent biological growth and resulting issues.

Fuel And Potable Water


DD06 - Used as directed this “kills” available chlorine instantly, allowing safe disposal of Steri-Tank treated waters to sea.

Fuel And Potable Water


DD13 - A highly effective biocide that has been formulated to control and eradicate aerobic and anaerobic bacteria in fuel and stock tank bottoms. A completely water soluble product that rapidly attacks the bacteria in the water phase and at the interface and has proven effectiveness in many cases.

Fuel And Potable Water

Stabil-Chlor 5

SS49 - Specially formulated for the dosing of water for accommodation use on off-shore installations. Concentrated Stabil-Chlor 5 sterilises the water and prevents the growth of bacteria and algae during storage.

Fuel And Potable Water


SS18 - Designed especially for the sterilisation of drinking water tanks and associated pipework after repairs or accidental contamination, Steri-Tank combines ease of calculation and use with a specially stabilised formula which maintains its original chlorine level much longer than ordinary solutions of hypochlorite and similar materials.

Fuel And Potable Water

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