Oil and Gas

Apex Industrial Chemicals have developed a portfolio of speciality chemicals for specific applications relating to the offshore arena, covering the Oil & gas, Energy and Renewables sectors. In addition to being a subscriber EOSCA, we listen to the industry to ensure that we develop and formulate products that provide results.

Apex Industrial Chemicals are unique in that we design, develop and formulate our own specialised range of application products.  During these stages we continually strive to ensure that each of our products meets the very stringent requirements of the OSPAR convention on the North Sea and North Atlantic. We are in full compliance with REACH Regulations and avoid the use of components adversely classified under the REACH Regulation and guidelines. All of our Oil-Industry specific products are also classified and labelled in accordance with the European CLP Regulation.


VV2 -VPCI (Vapour Phase Corrosion Inhibitor) will protect ferrous metals and aluminium in recess areas, interior cavities and voids. Providing continuous corrosion protection during wet or dry lay-up periods for up to 24 months.

Corrosion Removal & Prevention

Rustex C

RR10 - A safe, green organic-based product for the removal of rust, corrosion deposits and incidental scales from a wide variety of surfaces, including carbon steels, stainless steels and thermoplastics.

Corrosion Removal & Prevention

Rustex DC

RR17 - Especially designed for the removal of rust and other iron oxides, including magnetite, from steel surfaces. This product is formulated with novel, environmentally friendly inhibitors which allow effective rust removal from carbon steels without any significant level of attack on the metal itself. Rustex DC promotes a bright, clean finish to steel surfaces and prevents flash re-rusting for a short period after treatment.

Corrosion Removal & Prevention

Passi-Rinse 250

PP15 -A special additive for use in the final rinse-water after pickling of metal, especially carbon steel surfaces.

Corrosion Removal & Prevention

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