Following years of dedicated research, Apex Industrial Chemicals Limited have established a portfolio of products designed specifically for the challenging marine environment. Covering the entire scope of chemical requirements, we are in a unique position to offer a cost effective, direct supply solution to all types of vessels.

Apex Industrial Chemicals offer a variety of products specific to the marine industry. Through many years of business operations and with continued development, obtained through discussion with the industry and research, we have a portfolio of products to provide a resolution to all your marine requirements, from general cleaning to more specific equipment maintenance operations. Strong consideration is given to the health and safety aspects and the environmental aspects of each of our products, starting with the design and development phases and running right through the process to manufacture and by utilising the most up to date chemistry available in the marketplace.

So that all ecotoxicity, biodegradation and bioaccumulation potential data used has a significant “safety buffer” above the MARPOL/ GHS requirements, we avoid the use of components adversely classified under the REACH Regulation.

PW Clor 5

PP24 - A specially formulated product for the dosing of potable water for accommodation on ships.

Potable Water/System Treatments

PW Stabiliser

PP23 - An environmentally friendly formulation of inorganic salt material, which possess water stabilising properties. Low marine toxicity, naturally occurring salts cause no added harm to the environment.

Potable Water/System Treatments

PW Tank-Chlor

PP21 - Designed for shock-dose treatment before returning potable water tanks and facilities to use after repair or maintenance. PW Tank-Chlor maintains its original chlorine level longer than ordinary solutions of hypochlorite and similar materials.

Potable Water/System Treatments

PW Tank-Dechlor

PP22 - Designed especially for use in Processes for the sterilisation of potable (drinking) water tanks and associated pipework, PW Tank-Dechlor quickly and safely destroys residual Chlorine in the used waters and rinsings, thus allowing simple and safe disposal to normal waste streams without breaching the environmental authority's rules.

Potable Water/System Treatments

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