Apex Industrial Chemicals Limited manufacture & supply specially formulated chemical products to a variety of industries. Our chemicals are utilised for day to day industrial operations, through to personal hygiene. From vehicle care through to equipment maintenance. From metals and corrosion through to lubrication and protection. From hygienic cleansers and sanitisers through to specific products relating to inclement weather.

Our range has been specifically designed to fulfill the requirements of a wide variety of businesses from SMEs to corporate organisations. We have built our business and reputation over many years by focusing on product performance and quality and by ensuring that we provide exceptional service and support.  Understanding the customer’s requirements is a major factor in the development of our products.


BB17 - Bit-U-Solv is an extremely effective Tar, Bitumen and Crude Oil Remover.

Construction & Roadway


DD03 - De-Scale is fast acting in dissolving calcium and magnesium scales, removing efflorescence and mortar splashes and clearing rusty stains.

Construction & Roadway

De-Scale XP

DD21 - A fast-acting and effective product for the removal of cement and mortar splashes, efflorescence, lime-scale and rusty marks from a wide variety of equipment and building surfaces. De-Scale XP’s powerful dissolving action handles deposits other products cannot touch but is totally free from the fuming behaviour that makes other products a nuisance to work with.

Construction & Roadway

De-Scale XX

DD04 - Highly concentrated De-Scale XX dissolves calcium and magnesium scales, removes efflorescence, mortar and cement splashes and dissolves rust and iron stains from a wide variety of building material and metal surfaces.

Construction & Roadway


EE09 - A general purpose, heavy duty, cleaning and degreasing solvent, EC5662 utilises a carefully slowed evaporation rate to carry the maximum amount of greasy soil without re- deposition and leaves no residue on ultimate evaporation.

Construction & Roadway

Line Marker

L01 - A lead-free, acrylic based aerosol paint for line marking, whether free-hand or by wheeled applicator. Useful for marking-out in car parks, tennis/squash courts, warehouses, etc, both indoors and out, (available in white/yellow/red).

Construction & Roadway


MM06 - A combined action release agent for use on forms and shuttering used for the moulding of concrete, mortar, plaster and similar water-based materials. M.R.O should be used neat on wood, steel or aluminium moulds and shuttering to give excellent surface finish, especially where highly textured, and freedom from staining.

Construction & Roadway


PP10 - A dual purpose product, providing a sacrificial release coating which prevents bitumen, tar and heavy oils adhering to metal or painted metal surfaces and also a clean-up solution for hot boxes, vehicles and tools involved in road laying, etc.

Construction & Roadway


QQ01 - A specially developed concentrate for addition to dampening/ dust-suppression spray water. Quell’s double action formula not only provides effective control of dust on the day but also keeps it under control for longer than is achievable with plain water. Ideal for building sites, quarries etc.

Construction & Roadway

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