Apex Industrial Chemicals Limited manufacture & supply specially formulated chemical products to a variety of industries. Our chemicals are utilised for day to day industrial operations, through to personal hygiene. From vehicle care through to equipment maintenance. From metals and corrosion through to lubrication and protection. From hygienic cleansers and sanitisers through to specific products relating to inclement weather.

Our range has been specifically designed to fulfill the requirements of a wide variety of businesses from SMEs to corporate organisations. We have built our business and reputation over many years by focusing on product performance and quality and by ensuring that we provide exceptional service and support.  Understanding the customer’s requirements is a major factor in the development of our products.


SSS47 - For the control of oil, paraffin or solvent spillages, Captor is “environmentally-friendly” and a by-product of the processing of sustainably managed softwood forests.

Building, Yard & Warehouse Maintenance

Crete Cote

CC06 - Designed especially for use on concrete, stone or wooden surfaces, it will protect such surfaces from water, oil, grease, dirt and many other sources of contamination.

Building, Yard & Warehouse Maintenance


Specially formulated for the cleaning and etching of concrete and similar surfaces Crete-Clean penetrates and removes greasy soiling and leaves floors with a clean, whitened surface.

Building, Yard & Warehouse Maintenance


DD06 - A treatment for the eradication of free chlorine from sterilised waters before these may be released to effluent.

Building, Yard & Warehouse Maintenance

Line Marker

L01 - A lead-free, acrylic based aerosol paint for line marking, whether free-hand or by wheeled applicator. Useful for marking-out in car parks, tennis/squash courts, warehouses, etc, both indoors and out, (available in white/yellow/red).

Building, Yard & Warehouse Maintenance

Oil Sorb

SSS12 - Non-flammable granular multi-purpose absorbent for the remediation of spillages with a high absorbency for both water-based fluids and oils, it is also not reactive to or affected by strong acids or alkalis.

Building, Yard & Warehouse Maintenance


OO10 - A concentrated, mild alkaline cleaner, designed to give effective results when cleaning hard floor surfaces, on plastics such as P.V.C, rubber compositions and sealed or unsealed stone or concrete.

Building, Yard & Warehouse Maintenance


PP04 - Powerful Path-Kleer, with special "active heating", melts ice and snow many times more rapidly than conventional rock- salt. Handy Path-Kleer is simply sprinkled down and left to work - contains no sand or grit to leave dirty marks all over paths, steps & doorways.

Building, Yard & Warehouse Maintenance


SS18 - Designed especially for the sterilisation of drinking water tanks and associated pipework. Steri-Tank is carefully designed to take the guesswork out of treatment work by offering a simple dosage of one litre per cubic metre (1000 litres) of system capacity.

Building, Yard & Warehouse Maintenance


VV01 - Vanoph is a gel designed to dissolve biro and felt-tip pen marks and soften many types of paint, while being mild enough to allow use on many plastics and some types of painted surface.

Building, Yard & Warehouse Maintenance


WW03 - The chemical cure to organic drain blockages, Wash-Out will dissolve and liquefy hair, paper, leaves, cigarette ends, cloth, sanitary towels and the like - even tin foil and aluminium foil are completely destroyed.

Building, Yard & Warehouse Maintenance

Algae Cleaner

A fast acting outdoor cleaner for cleaning algae, lichen and moss from walls, driveways, lock block and paving. Algae cleaner is pet safe and contains no acidic or caustic components.

Building, Yard & Warehouse Maintenance

Patio Cleaner

A concentrated outdoor cleaner for cleaning algae, lichen and moss from patios. Patio cleaner contains no acidic or caustic components.

Building, Yard & Warehouse Maintenance

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