Apex Industrial Chemicals Limited manufacture & supply specially formulated chemical hygiene products to a variety of industries. Our chemicals are supplied for janitorial operations, through to personal hygiene. From vehicle care through to equipment maintenance. From metals and corrosion through to lubrication and protection. From hygienic cleansers and sanitisers through to specific products relating to inclement weather.

Our range has been specifically designed to fulfill the requirements of a wide variety of businesses from SMEs to corporate organisations. We have built our business and reputation over many years by focusing on product performance and quality and by ensuring that we provide exceptional service and support. Understanding the customer’s requirements is a major factor in the development of our products.

With this information and your requirements understood, we will provide you with the exact solution for your needs. Each of our products are of the highest quality, provide exceptional performance and offer the best health, safety and environmental credentials by utilising the most up to date chemistry.

Calcium Hypo Tabs

CC26 - A tablet product for use in the sterilisation of water. Suitable for use in the sterilisation of water for drinking purposes and cooking purposes when used at chlorine-equivalent dosage rates to national guidance standards.

Outdoor & Leisure Activities


CC02 - A highly concentrated formula for use in all chemical toilet equipment. This product is safe and pleasant in use, it kills germs, preventing risk of infection, repels diseases and effectively prevents unpleasant odours. Chemsan is ideal for use on building sites, caravans, coaches and tour buses, aircraft, etc.

Outdoor & Leisure Activities


FF07 - A safe but effective cleaner fluid for use on golf balls and club heads. Fairway quickly removes clay soiling, grass stains and even bird droppings, which can interfere with play. Fairway is an environmentally friendly formula and can be used without concern to ensure a more controllable flight and spin.

Outdoor & Leisure Activities

First Step

FF11 - This exceptional product is designed especially for use on footwear of all sorts which may be shared, whether these are sports shoes, floor protection footwear or industrial safety or waterproof boots. Safe and easy to use, First Step combines an effective biocide, to control Athlete's foot and other such infections, with a fresh, pleasant fragrance to remove stale odours.

Outdoor & Leisure Activities

Line Marker

L01 - A lead-free, acrylic based aerosol paint for line marking, whether free-hand or by wheeled applicator. Useful for marking-out in car parks, tennis/squash courts, warehouses, etc, both indoors and out, (available in white/yellow/red).

Outdoor & Leisure Activities

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