Case Study: Pre-Decommissioning Deoiling

Oil-Freeing Flowlines with AIC Clean-up DG-N


A major North Sea Operator required to decommission five flowlines on a platform topsides and needed the internals to be thoroughly freed from hydrocarbon residues for both safety and environmental reasons. Due to the complexity of the flow-line layout and the restricted access HP Jetting was not favoured.


In joint discussions with the Contractor, a non-intrusive and low manning-level Workscope was developed.

Our AIC Cleanup DG-N product is an extremely effective, high performance crude oil remover. It is also a highly effective treatment for the breaking and removal of sludges, emulsions & slops. Through circulation, the chemical provides effective hydrocarbon removal from pipelines, leaving metal surfaces in an excellent condition. Therefore, AIC Cleanup DG-N was specified for this scope of work.

Cleanup DG-N is a non-flammable product, ensuring safety in use, and with excellent offshore environment profile, being Gold-band rated and free from SUB warnings. After application, a final flush with potable water was also carried out and this tested and demonstrated that residual hydrocarbon was less than 30ppm in the returning water.

Results and Benefits

AIC Cleanup DG-N worked rapidly and effectively allowing the Workscope to be completed well within the specified time.

Due to the properties of AIC Cleanup DG-N, the work was done without any risk to operators or environment, allowing reduced manning levels compared with HP-jetting. The Workscope was completed to the expressed approval of the OIM and flowlines were scheduled for removal immediately after the clean.